Build your MLM business into new heights!!

Build your MLM business into new heights!!

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 23 May 2022
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An MLM business in all means should bring the desired achievements; so it is a need to choose the best plan for the team who promotes your ideas and brings a level of achievement. If your team can put themselves wholly into your business, then you win! Together you gain profits! The more you build a network, the more you expand your business.

The choice of the best plan may often be confusing. But as your primary concern is to sustain your business in the beginning phase, you need to stick on to a plan which may offer not so bad profit along with customer satisfaction. But the choice should be simple and open-ended. Then how much you can do, how you do will be counted. So be on the best path.

Many software developers try to put maximum ideas in making their MLM software customized, but how it is helpful to you is more important while choosing the MLM compensation plans. Because as a new MLM company in the market a good competition awaits you. The first step should be with the best plan and the best Multi-level marketing software as it decides the structure of your business.

Binary compensation plan in MLM business.

Binary MLM plan genealogy tree

The binary MLM plan is a good choice for a new entrepreneur as it is highlighted with its simplicity. It offers you flexibility in terms of recruiting new promoters. Binary plan is designed in a tree-like model having two branches at each level, i.e. it has two frontline distributors. On the successful recruiting of a new member, he/she is placed under the existing branch either to the left or to the right. One who recruits them is their sponsors and they themselves the downline members. Each node, i.e. the new member can recruit new members into his/her left or right and expand the business. Network marketing companies use tools like binary MLM software for MLM recruiting and managing their downlines and uplines.

Let’s see how it works.

The addition of new members will add up your business expansion. The excess members can be added to the next level below the sponsoring distributor’s frontline as spillovers. It is actually the spilling over of the members from your frontline to the next level as there are specific limitations in adding more to your frontline. So you never want to lose a new member. Balancing these two branches, i.e. the two legs, the profit, and the power leg is very important as the compensation is offered according to the weak side/leg. As it is the case no one sits lazy and thereby increases the number of new recruits and can gain huge profits. Here commissions are paid based on the business volume. So everyone feels encouraged by recruiting new members.

Have a look at the advantages.

Binary MLM plan has many advantages. The main advantage of this plan is that it helps companies following binary plan expands their business to unlimited depths. It will encourage all to add new members as it will be beneficial for all up lines, thereby expanding the business. We can fix our target is the other advantage.

Where it is difficult?

We have to balance the two legs as it determines the payout. If anyone in the downline sits lazy, it will reflect in our payout. Often this balancing seems to be difficult.

Matrix compensation plan with fixed levels

Matrix MLM plan genealogy tree

Unlike the binary compensation plan, the matrix MLM plan has its own strategies to recruit new members. Here we have to follow a pre-decided matrix like 3*3 or 2*12 or like. The maximum width and depth are fixed. If we are following a 3*5 form, it means one can recruit up to 5 levels having 3 members in each level. Each member can earn compensation up to the 5th level. In the first level, there will be 3 members and in the second level, the number of members will be 9, and in the third level, it will be 27 and so on. As the width is limited you can make more benefits by encouraging the downline members to bring new recruits. The main advantage of this plan is that it is much easier to manage. Companies use matrix MLM software to manage and automate their matrix compensation implemented business processes and operations.

Above all, the choice of the best MLM software will help you to manage and automate your plans and processes more effectively. You can choose the form/matrix yourself and here we customize it for you.

Unilevel compensation- the best plan for the beginners

Unilevel MLM plan genealogy tree

Unilevel compensation plan is one of the best plans for the beginners. Unilevel compensation plan attracts the downline with easy manage options. The number of frontline members is not limited. One who makes the more recruits to one's frontline, the more he gains the commission. There is no limit to widen the recruits. One can keep on adding the new members and each member can contribute to his/her front line. There arises a competition between the frontline members to add new members to their frontline. Tools like Unilevel MLM software can manage and automate network marketing processes that follow Unilevel MLM plan.

Acknowledge yourselves with some attractions of this plan.

The main attraction is that the payment is uniformly distributed and one can choose this as a part-time opportunity. The best plan for the beginners if approached with the real intention of making good gains. As there is no limitation in recruiting to the frontline one can build a big network. Size of the organization never matters there.

The plan also has its own drawbacks.

The major issue regarding this plan is stacking. There may be a chance where the distributor may collect multiple commissions for the single or same recruit, thereby beating the structure of the compensation plan. It may take time to explain or train a distributor regarding this plan.

MLM Generation plans to build your own market.

Generation MLM plan genealogy tree

MLM generation plan is a commonly used plan used by various companies who manufacture consumable products like cosmetic items, medicines, etc. For such a company to ensure a stand in the market, needs to find a good platform for selling its products. Tv ads and other media are avoided and mouth to mouth advertising is often practiced. Here in order to achieve benefits, the upline may have to promote the downline to sell the products thereby getting qualified for the target achievement. A generation plan MLM software can effectively manage and automate MLM processes that follow generation plan.

How does it work?

The generation plan otherwise known as Repurchase plan or Gap commission plan is special because the advertising cost is shared with the distributors. Based on the sales, the profit is shared with the generations of the uplines who also promote the sale. The team should be capable of using marketing techniques like convincing the people, building a strong network and so on. If able to build a strong team, there you may be able to create a strong network and your product may become far-reaching. According to the number of members in a network, it may be divided into various generations where each generation will be benefited with various compensations. Generation is the total volume of members from upline to downline.

Monoline plan - grow straight, meet the trends.

Monoline MLM plan genealogy tree

Monoline MLM plan is an easy go plan for an MLM business. As the name hints, it is a single-legged plan, where timing is the gaining factor. In a Monoline MLM plan Each member is added under each downline where commissions or bonus is received according to the downline’s efforts. The more time you spend on this, the more you can add up the downlines and earn benefits accordingly. The existing users can earn money from every new user. Another interesting fact is that the user can re-entry the line when he/she adds a certain number of users. He/she is then eligible for earning double benefits. This enables him to get a regular income which can be an online income source. As there is no specific limit or to complete certain levels the monoline plan is much popular. The earlier you enter into this line the more you get benefits. Because of its straight-line structure, it is also popular as a Straight line MLM plan or Linear MLM plan. A Monoline MLM plan software is the tool companies use to manage and automate processes and operations.

Got some ideas?? Get into the right track by choosing the right plan from us.

Hope you got some clear ideas on popular MLM compensation plans. As each plan is having its own pros and cons, the choice of the best plan which suits your business is very important. There We Epixel solutions play a good role to lead you on the right path. We provide various MLM plans which help you to get into the right track. Whether a basic plan or not, our MLM plans are customizable to meet your needs.

Have a great entry into an MLM business!!

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