Powerful Features
Flexible loyalty programs
Real-time payouts and redemptions
Customer-centric loyalty programs
Automated loyalty programs
Fun in loyalty programs

Design loyalty programs that seamlessly fit into your business

  • Identify distributor and customer interests to design unique and personalized loyalty programs
  • Configure and customize rules and program types to suit your business goals
  • Create out-of-the-box loyalty campaigns to reward your most loyal customers for their purchases, referrals, reviews, and social follows
  • Incentivize your customers with multiple loyalty programs like gift cards, coupons, discounts, loyalty points, or any currency
Flexible loyalty programs

Ensure real-time payouts and uninterrupted redemptions

  • Enable reward redemption across POS and channels
  • Optimize the issuance, conversion, and redemption process to ensure an uninterrupted loyalty process
  • Ensure seamless payouts to multiple destinations such as digital wallets, bank accounts, etc
  • Integrate multiple payment gateways and currencies
Real-time payouts and redemptions

Run customer-centric loyalty programs

  • Create relevant customer segments based on their purchase data
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers and create personalized loyalty programs
  • Surprise customers on their special days with occasion-specific gifts, offers, or discounts
  • Promote sharing and gifting earned points with family and friends
  • Create “make-a-difference” campaigns clubbed with loyalty programs to lead your customers with a purpose
Customer-centric loyalty programs

Boost your program performance with automation

  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency with a one-time automation setup
  • Automate payout and redemption processes across channels
  • Manage multiple loyalty programs quickly and effectively
  • Set up eligibility criteria and upgrade or downgrade users between loyalty tiers
Automated loyalty programs

Integrate fun and excitement into your loyalty programs

  • Gamify your loyalty programs with quizzes, scratch cards, spin wheels, and surveys
  • Award your customer and distributor loyalty with hyper-personalized rewards
  • Design group loyalty programs to enhance the social relationships of your customers and distributors
Fun in loyalty programs

Launch referral programs to optimize brand advocacy

  • Capture newer audiences with attractive and targeted referral programs
  • Design new referral programs that are in line with your marketing goals
  • Incentivize customers and distributors for repeat referrals
  • Monitor referral traffic with advanced loyalty analytics
Referral loyalty programs

Track performance to improve your loyalty process

  • Set up periodic review cycles for assessing your program performance
  • Analyze loyalty KPIs like average order value, repeat purchase rate, redemption rate, revenue per user, etc. to optimize the loyalty process
  • Track your customer and distributor feedback on different loyalty programs
  • Create purchase or tier-based segments to effortlessly track and optimize your loyalty campaigns
Loyalty program performance

Acquire valuable data and insights

  • Derive powerful customer and distributor insights on a comprehensive dashboard
  • Identify the most preferred loyalty program among your customers and distributors
  • Make better revenue-driving decisions with real-time actionable insights
  • Get a granular view of tier-based performance with filters that have comprehensive segmentation capabilities
Valuable loyalty data and insights

Omnichannel loyalty management

  • Run exciting marketing campaigns across channels to boost customer engagement
  • Send rewards to your customers in bulk through email, SMS, etc
  • Manage multiple loyalty programs on all social selling platforms
  • Create engaging triggers and events across multiple loyalty programs
Manage loyalty programs across channels

Leverage the advantage of pre-built templates

  • Easily launch your loyalty programs on preset templates
  • Expand your rewards system with easily customizable templates for each product, channel, and program
  • Create individual loyalty programs for individual distributor or customer segments
  • Schedule and organize your loyalty campaigns with campaign templates
Pre-built loyalty program templates
Referral loyalty programs
Loyalty program performance
Valuable loyalty data and insights
Manage loyalty programs across channels
Pre-built loyalty program templates

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