What is MLM affiliate marketing software?

MLM affiliate software is a set of tools designed to streamline MLM affiliate programs and promotions for the network marketing business. It enables organizations to manage their affiliate networks easily and provides them with the right tools to boost their productivity.

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Why MLM affiliate marketing software?


Integrate affiliate management with your web platforms easily.


Monitor your affiliate network from a single place.


Simplify various challenges in MLM such as lead generation and distributor retention.


Ease the shopping experience across affiliate e-commerce websites with customizable smart shopping carts.


Scalable platform that can manage the payout of a growing affiliate network easily.


Additional tools for empowering your affiliates.


Social media support for improved social selling performance.


Easily integrate crowdfunding and donation plans with MLM, which helps to build strong networks.

Plugin for popular web platforms

Empower your MLM business platforms with the affiliate marketing plugin. MLM affiliate plugin supports the following platforms:







MLM affiliate marketing plugin

Improve sales

Affiliates can improve their sales with the various features offered by the MLM affiliate software.


Automated email and ad campaigns


Rewards and loyalty programs


Analyze workflow patterns


Personalization of business

Boost sales with affiliate marketing software
MLM affiliate marketing plugin
Boost sales with affiliate marketing software
Track your affiliate performance
Affiliate MLM software features

Manage your affiliates

Software tools to keep track of affiliates.


Smoother onboarding and tracking


Accurate MLM and sales tracking


Genealogy tree dashboard


Auto and manual import of affiliate contact data


Affiliate link-source tracking


Automated commission processing

Track your affiliate performance

Features to empower affiliates

Extra tools for improved benefits.


Replicated websites


Downline affiliate tracker


Multi-wallet system


Easy-to-generate referral links

Affiliate MLM software features

Benefits of affiliate marketing

Cost effective

Low start-up costs

Increased return on investment

Higher ROI

Imrpoved traffic flow

Improve traffic

Better brand recognition

Enhance brand recognition

Brand trust

Higher reputation for the brand

Increase in conversion rate

Improve conversion rates

Empower social selling

Easy-to-manage social media dashboard.


Schedule and publish content automatically on social media channels


Run engaging social media promotions


Monitor the performance of the content, polls, ad campaigns, etc, posted on social media


Understand and follow trending topics


Run social media campaigns across various channels from a single dashboard

Deep learning-powered dashboard for direct selling

How can you benefit from MLM affiliate marketing software?

Generate quality leads
Lead generation

Produce promising leads

Create and personalize your marketing campaigns, identify the best-performing channels, and focus on high-quality leads.

Create the bond
Distributor engagement

Build loyalty and trust

Gamification and surveys improve engagement and provide insights into the development of your workforce.

Build collaborative teams
Team building

Improve your collaboration

Improve team collaboration with seamless communication channels and online communities, and keep your workforce connected.

Win long-term customers
Customer acquisition

Enhance customer experience

Contextual communications and personalized interactions help to establish a deeper relationship with customers.

Stay socially connected
Social selling

Stronger social presence

Manage and monitor the performance of your content, and strengthen your presence across your social media channels.

Find the right prospects
Sales prospecting

Channel the right prospects

Quick personalized email campaigns enable better conversion and warmer relationships with your prospects.

Focus on sales and only sales
Sales enablement

Empower your salesforce

Attract customers with the right set of tools and prioritize individual and team goals based on sales metrics.

Save your distributors time
Marketing automation

Speed up your marketing process

Gather insights and generate customizable reports to make data-driven decisions and improve the marketing process.

Put your new distributors at ease
Distributor onboarding

A fresh brand experience

Benefit from an organized and well-structured onboarding process, and provide distributors with a worthwhile onboarding experience.

Train them right
Distributor training

Train and motivate

Conduct live training sessions with visually appealing learning modules personalized for the individual distributors.

Commission calculations made easy
Commission management

Manage commission payouts easily

Calculate group commissions to individual commissions easily and enjoy seamless and on-time commission delivery.

Design and develop your own e-store
Store management

Boost your e-commerce

Design the e-store of your taste with attractive and responsive themes and engage your customers.

Business management and administration
Business management

Efficient administration

Generate comprehensive reports on your customers and distributors, and keep track of their sales performance.

Automate your marketing efforts
Market research

Strengthen your market presence

Benefit from the in-depth understanding of your customer behavior and market trends with real-time data analytics.

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