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Health evolution
Health evolution
MLM Plans

MLM Plans

To give startups a perfect plot

Agile compensation plan management

Dynamic commission plans and commission rules

Configurable bonuses and overrides

Setup rank advancement requirements

MLM plans

Multilevel commission tracking

Detailed commission reports and bonuses; a clear picture of payout, withdrawal, and remittance status

Tailored commission plans for rapid growth

Configurable rank advancement criteria

Swift and accurate commission calculation and payouts

Real-time commission calculations and insights

Multilevel commission tracking
Ecommerce integration

Ecommerce integration

Fully featured ecommerce and shopping cart integrated platform

Seamless storefront setup and management

Easy product catalog management

Streamlined payment gateway integration

Efficient order tracking and fulfillment

Simplified returns and refunds management

Ecommerce integration

Payment processing features

To intensify payment safety and security

Seamless integration with a few payment gateways

Wide support for payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal

Hassle-free commission payouts

Comprehensive transaction tracking

Robust fraud prevention

Support for recurring payments

Smooth handling of international payments

Payment processing features
Learning management system

Learning management system

To strengthen distributor skills and abilities personally and professionally

Effortless content creation and management

Seamless course authoring

Engaging gamification features

Enhanced sharing and messaging features

Advanced social media integrations

Learning management system

Genealogy tree

To visualize and manage MLM hierarchical structure

Quick access to distributor details

Sponsor view

Rank achievements

Organizational hierarchy

Genealogy tree

Commence businesses on a feature-rich platform to envisage growth and success

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Lead capture and management

Lead capture and management

To generate strong leads from various sources related to the business

Adept lead capture and management

Distinct pipeline management

Systematic ticket management

Efficient email campaigns

Engaging rewards program

Lead capture and management

Inventory management

To effectively manage, reorder and analyze stocks and timely fulfillment

Streamlined product inventory tracking

Efficient warehouse management and tracking

Structured supplier tracking and management

Purchase order creation and tracking

Scalable support for multiple locations

Inventory management
Scalability features

Scalability features

Top-of-the-line tools and services for startup MLM businesses

Supports tens of thousands of users

Optimum support for one or two languages

Diverse customization options

Ideal infrastructure that may not be able to handle high traffic or large amounts of data

Extensive integration support

Scalability features

Security and compliance

To prevent account duplication or other malpractices

Secure data encryption

Strict access control

Rigorous compliance monitoring

Extensive user activity logging

Periodic security audits

Security and compliance
Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

For the smooth running of the business

Technical support through email or chat

Dedicated support hours

Strict monitoring

Limited software updates

Bug fixes as needed

Timely data backup and restoration

Competent training and onboarding

Immediate ticketing system for issue tracking

Rapid disaster recovery plan

Support and maintenance

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