Refund Policy

Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd strives to provide the very best services for every customer. We value every customer and create each project based on the customer’s specific and agreed-upon requirements, including schedule and price.

Epixel will honor our agreement starting with a signed proposal/agreement/payment with every client to provide the service agreed upon. Epixel will not share any confidential information or data without your permission.

Once a signed agreement and initial payment are received, Epixel will begin working on your project immediately. We allocate specific teams with the technical expertise your project requires as listed in the proposed agreement.

Epixel will issue refunds only when Epixel fails to provide the service promised per the proposal/agreement/payment, such as, but not limited to:


Epixel, at the company’s discretion, fails to provide software per the requirements and price contained within the signed proposal/agreement/payment.


Epixel fails to meet the schedule, as agreed upon in the signed proposal/agreement/payment, within reason, and the project is more than two months behind schedule, excluding and client requested changes.


Customer requested changes, outside the signed proposal/agreement/payment, can require additional time and cost needed by your Epixel team to complete your project. Refunds will not be issued for failing to meet the schedule agreed upon in the signed proposal/agreement/payment if customer request changes that cannot be reasonably completed in the original schedule and negotiated price.

Epixel will NOT issue 100% refunds after a signed proposal/agreement/payment has been submitted to Epixel if a client simply changes their mind, for any reason. While Epixel strives to retain happy and satisfied clients we put a great deal of work by qualified programmers to gain your trust and provide a complete breakdown of your project requirements. If for any reason, a client changes their mind and wants to cease work with Epixel, after a signed proposal/agreement and any payment has been submitted, Epixel will deduct a portion for any work completed, including an initial breakdown and proposal creation, OR 25% of any money collected, whichever is greater.

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