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An MLM CRM software refers to a software system that helps with hassle-free customer relationship management of the entire network marketing business with a personalized customer approach and a rewarding customer experience.

Simply organize and manage your network marketing business efficiently with a hassle-free MLM CRM and business management software. It helps manage your customers of your entire network marketing business with complete automation.

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Three-step funneling process, that's all it takes from prospecting to customer management

This multi-level marketing CRM helps you develop a strategic customer acquisition and management process to develop your network marketing business.

Tools to target potential leads through various channels

1. Lead prospecting tools

The first step in the customer funneling process is to capture customers into your business. This CRM for MLM business can enhance your various marketing processes.

  • Lead capture landing
  • Ad banners
  • Social media marketing
  • Email campaigning

2. Qualify potential lead

Nurturing the lead to become a potential customer. The second and important step for conversion.

  • Lead funneling
  • Time scheduling (appointments)
  • Lead activity log
Building a relationship with the lead
CRM system for customer follow-up

3. Customer relationship management

The final step after the conversion point is providing customers with proper support. Proper follow-up and personalized invites improve ROI and increase your chances of customer retention.

  • Contact management
  • Mass communication
  • Follow-up management
  • Lead management
  • Customer opportunity management

An intelligent CRM for direct sales business can help you organize and manage your customer management process while making your customers feel more important and happy.

Effective transformation with high performance and stability

A professional CRM for network marketing that enables quick business growth

Follow the trends in network marketing

Follow the trend

Easily setup MLM CRM system

Quick & easy setup

Integrate the proven system for network marketing

Integrate the proven system

Build strong relations in network marketing

Build stronger relationships

CRM system for global expansion

Grow beyond the boundaries

Automate network marketing processes

Automate entire business process

Personalized promotional activities

Personalized promotion

Follow up reminders

Follow-up reminders

Network marketing business reports with insights

Reports with intelligent insights

Import and follow your social network

Import & follow your social network

Internal messaging system for efficient communication

Trackable internal messaging system

To-do list for task managing

To-do list to prioritize tasks

Quick product overview

Quick product overview

Ad-tracking and analytics

Custom Ad-tracker and analytics

Quantify the sales opportunities and optimize your salesforce efficiently

Ready-made MLM CRM to manage, track, and boost sales with complete customization

Customer opportunity management

Lead scores on the MLM CRM dashboard allows salesforce to identify the potential customer.

Achieve success in MLM using our dedicated CRM system

Organize all your customer management activities in one place with the best CRM for network marketing

Implement Epixel MLM CRM system
Use our intelligent and advanced tools to build the network/prospecting
Crush and filter your leads to identify the right customers
Spot the distributors from the customer-base
Set learning & performance goals for your distributor network
Boost your salesforce efficiently keeping an eye on time management
Track their progress & motivate the team with suitable rewards

Enjoy the results and become a popular network marketing company.

You get everything you want from Epixel CRM MLM software with advanced features and integrations. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and set your CRM network marketing system now to increase your sales to at least 10%.

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