Top direct sales clothing companies 2022

Minu Chandran
Updated on 11 July 2022
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Clothing industry is the most dynamic and diverse industry in the world. The global clothing industry stood at $1.5 trillion in 2021 and by 2026 it is expected to reach $2 trillion. It is expected only to rise in the coming years.

The contribution of direct selling companies to this record is remarkable. Direct sales clothing companies, both young and old, have commendable growth in the last couple of years. From providing comfortability to flaunting fashionability, these clothing companies have given their customers an extraordinary shopping experience.

Take a look at the top direct sales clothing companies for 2022. The companies enlisted in the table have been arranged according to the increasing revenue.

List of top direct sales clothing and fashion companies

# Company Country Revenue 2021
(in million USD)
Revenue 2020
(in million USD)
Growth Rate Year Founded
1 LuLaRoe USA 500 500 0% 2013
2 Cabi Online USA 236 236 0% 2002
3 Ann Summers UK 180 178 5% 1970
4 Maruko Japan 138 148 -7% 1964
5 Mathilde Jane Clothing USA 125 125 0% 2005
6 Charle Corp. Japan 118 146 -19% 1984
7 Nefful USA 117 117 0% 1973
8 Captain Tortue Group France 81 81 0% 1993
9 Chandeal Co. Japan 76 76 0% 1980
10 Ruby Ribbon USA 51 51 0% 2011
11 Silver Icing Canada 33 33 0% 2011
12 J. Hilburn USA 25 25 0% 2007
13 Dox Egypt 21 21 0% 2015
14 Peekaboo Beans Canada 12 12 0% 2006
15 Essential Bodywear USA 12 12 0% 2003
16 DotDotSmile USA 12 12 0% 2017

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Explore more about the top 100 direct sales companies.

Though many suffered a decline in sales accelerated by the pandemic and the unprecedented lockdowns, they were quick to adapt to the changing market conditions and meet their business goals. The US and the Chinese markets were the leading clothing markets in 2021. They generated the highest revenue than any other country in the world.

From business wears to bikini, these direct sales clothing companies capitalize on consumer interests to build their brand. The two major trends that continue shaping the success of these companies are social selling and ecommerce. This trend has been there for years and still continue strong with growing number of online shoppers.

Trends direct sales clothing companies must watch out for in 2022 and beyond

Customers and distributors today favor brands that complement their likes—some being organizational values, social responsibility, strong online presence, popularity, perks and benefits. Added to this is the ever-evolving industry trends that are shaping the success of direct selling companies the world over.

  • list

    Social selling

  • list


  • list

    Online brand communities

  • list

    Rewards and referrals

  • list

    Social initiatives

Distributors find it easier to sell and market clothes than any other direct selling product. Clothes are always on demand and fast moving given that the brands maintain the quality and voguishness of their products. One important thing to note is that, just as these direct sales companies invest on their customer interests, so should they focus on building a highly skilled distributor base too.


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