Top 10 tools to make MLM distributors more productive

Top 10 tools to make MLM distributors more productive

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 24 May 2022
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The success of an MLM company is determined by the efforts taken by the distributors. If they are promoted well, the company can meet its business goals. To make the distributors more productive, companies have to adapt high-yielding methods to improve their engagement and retention. Let’s deep dive into Top 10 tools or features that make MLM distributors more productive.

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1. Replicated website

Replicated websites are duplicated websites that are distributed to any number of users and can be customized for them. These websites are controlled by the company and are directly linked to the company’s website.

A distributor can recruit new members to the distribution network of a company. In the initial years of an MLM business, the only way to reach the target group is by means of a personal meeting or such means. Now it is possible to build a large distributor network with an MLM website right from your home office. As technology is advancing, competition in the field also getting tougher. So in order to get updated, reach the target community at the earliest.

Did you know?

7 out of 10 prospects prefer to hear from their distributors in the early stages of their buying process, increasing the chances of a positive response.

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How replicated websites help a distributor?

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2. Support tickets

Any business expects some or other kind of support from the company side. It may be in the way of answering the queries in real time, or providing resolutions with immediate effect, etc. When the customer is supported well, it will reflect in the business.

Support tickets are a vital part while running a business. In order to maintain a strong bond between the company and the customer, a proper support system is necessary. A support system can help to support the customer priority wise. If instant support is provided, a customer gets a personalized experience.

How Support tickets help a distributor?

  • Manage customer queries that come through email, telecalls, etc.
  • Support based on the priority
  • Follow-up the status of the issue
  • Instant resolutions for issues reported
  • Support on wishlist and return management

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3. KYC

KYC is a process for customer identification. KYC establishes an individual’s identity through supporting documents. Once new joiners are enrolled, the distributor can ensure the authenticity of the accounts and thereby prevent account duplication.

GDPR compliant KYC system with face identification will match the face with that of the identity proof submitted. There is also an option for admin review and approval option for account validation.

How KYC help a distributor?

  • KYC helps the distributor know the customer better
  • Reduce administrative burdens because of automated data collection
  • No duplication of identity is possible and helps to reduce the fraud

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4. Media management tool

Photos, videos, or similar media’s have a good role in attracting customers to a website. In an MLM business, it is all about the products or services. In order to gain good business, distributors need to analyze the interest patterns of the customers and include necessary media.

Distributors can add photos, videos, upload downloadables, add webinars, etc. This will let customers easily understand the product details with the images and get attracted to the products. This will promote more sales.

How media management feature helps a distributor?

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5. Content Management System (CMS)

A software application that can manage, create or modify digital content. Content Management System allows managing the content independently without much professional help. A website’s content needs to be up to date and be able to manage easily.

In order to supply sufficient information regarding a product or service, contents in the form of blogs and forums need to be updated. Daily or periodic news updates or calendar events and upcoming events information can be made available on the website through a content management system.

How Content Management System helps a distributor?

  • Able to access the web content hassle-free
  • Even without depending on a developer, a distributor can manage the contents
  • CMS helps to build a good business credit

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6. Fund management tool

MLM business is all about selling and distribution of products. It is essential to manage the funds for building the business successfully. Distributors need to transfer funds for product purchases or to support their downlines. It will strengthen the team. E-wallet help to transfer the fund easier.

Distributors can transfer the funds to each other from their E-wallet, within the team. They can also deposit funds from E-wallet or external payment sources like Credit cards, or Direct bank transfer. The distributors can also use their E-wallet for upgrading to higher packages or they can purchase products or services.

How Fund Management helps a distributor?

  • The distributor can easily switch to higher packages to earn better profit
  • The distributor can support the team at the emergency needs like the product purchase

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7. Multiple business centers

An MLM business follows compensation plans according to the products or services they offer. Commissions and recruiting of new members are based on the chosen plan. The recruited members are normally placed under a position in the genealogy tree.

In the case of particular plans, the distributors can have multiple business centers. After enrolling the recruits and building a team, the distributor can move to another level where he/she can again recruit downlines from that center.

How multiple business centers help a distributor?

  • The distributor gets benefits or bonuses from multiple business centers
  • More recruits or downlines can bring more commissions

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8. Spilling preferences

Spilling is a process where an upline member decides a position or place for a newly recruited downline in the MLM tree. Spillover usually comes when the compensation plan is limited with a fixed width. All major compensation plans have spillover preferences except unilevel pay plan.

A distributor can add the sales on the weak leg if needed and balance them in order to get better commissions. It is actually placing new recruits under other organizations. Spilling helps improve team effort and motivation for new recruits.

How spilling preferences help a distributor?

  • When a compensation plan is restricted by a certain width, the distributor is not limited to recruit more members
  • As it boosts the teamwork, a distributor can build a strong team

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9. Holding tank

Holding tank is a business trick for a distributor. In order to promote or motivate a new downline, or to show some favor to a particular recruitee, the distributor can hold a few recruits from placing them in the genealogy tree.

The distributor holds a few new enrollments, he/she can place them in a holding tank for a locking period before placing them in the genealogy tree. Later these enrollees can be manually added into the tree.

How holding tank help a distributor?

  • The distributor can place a favorable person as his direct downline
  • The distributor can help a new recruit to get more bonus or commission

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10. Live chat functionality

The distributor will be able to communicate with the customers and make the interaction more smooth. Integrating third party live chat module helps better customer interaction.

How live chat functionality help a distributor?

  • Good communication with the customer will bring more business
  • When a customer is able to get live replies they tend to get attracted easily

A premium software with direct sales tools can make the MLM business more profitable. Epixel MLM software offers the tools that make MLM distributors more productive and it ensures a steady business growth. Navigate through these features in MLM website demo.

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