DSA QuickPulse surveys - Measuring the impact of the pandemic

Direct Selling Association QuickPulse surveys

Measuring the industry impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Direct Selling Association QuickPulse surveys Minu Chandran
03 Aug, 2021
Measuring the industry impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Direct Selling Association recently published the results of its QuickPulse survey which was conducted to identify the strength and resilience of the direct selling industry amidst the pandemic slowdown. The survey is carried out on a weekly basis and the results outline the impact of Coronavirus on the industry with intricate detailing of its effect on company revenue in the U.S. and on a global level. The survey also covered the expectancy of businesses to return to normal in the U.S. in the prevalent pandemic conditions.

DSA has been working quite hard on industry research recently with the researches aimed at identifying the challenges faced by the industry in the macroeconomic landscape. It had also run a study focussed on identifying consumer attitude towards the industry in 2019. DSA’s Global Growth and Outlook Survey results published earlier this year brought forth complete overview of the direct selling industry in 2020. Apart from the QuickPulse surveys DSA also runs quarterly DataTracker surveys that provide insights into the quarterly trends and KPIs in the direct selling industry.

"We know that maintaining relevance and resiliency are vital for the future growth of the channel. That's why we have intentionally expanded the focus of the Growth & Outlook survey to include several new inputs including QuickPulse research to help us look forward and envision the future of direct selling," said Joseph N. Mariano, president of the DSA. "While every form of retail, including direct selling, is being challenged during this time, I am confident the channel will continue to thrive because of the digital innovations coupled with a personal touch that provides unique value to consumers."

The research team at DSA is in a constant process of collecting data through surveys, secondary researches, and polls to evaluate the ongoing and forthcoming challenges in the industry and develop actionable strategies to meet them.


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