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generation z

A well-trained generation in the making

Recent research shows that younger millennials and Gen Z prefer getting trained with a thorough plan that helps them imbibe knowledge fast and its application in their daily business faster. Most youngsters were keen on enhancing both soft skills and hard skills particularly through a well-structured distributor training program which could help them enhance their overall performance personally and professionally.

The study conducted by DSN also states that online or offline, communication must be precise, no matter whether it is over a call or emails, texts, videos or webinars. The schedule also must be self-paced and conveniently accessible for the user.

self care

Prioritizing self-care!

At a time when epidemics are hitting us one after the other, individuals from every generation are keen on taking care of themselves to stay safe and healthy. The Medifast survey revealed that the majority of its participants considered self-care as a priority to contribute to overall wellbeing.

With selfcare people meant daily exercise and activities, sound sleep, emotional wellbeing and eating right. The direct selling sector over the past years has seen impeccable growth in the makeup and cosmetics and health and wellness categories. Deriving insights from the Medifast survey, it is clear that individuals from all age groups are focusing on building a healthy lifestyle focusing on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Reselling rights

MRR; a boon or a bane?

MRR or Master Resell Rights is the new talk of the town. A licensing agreement for the digital product industry, MRR lets the licensee sell a digital product and can even resell the right to others. Although it is viewed as an outstanding opportunity for entrepreneurs in the direct selling sector, considering its disruptive nature, affiliates are apprehensive about the market saturation and low demand for products that MRR might lead the channel to.

Increased earnings

Like never before

A recent study conducted by the Direct Selling Association in the UK states that the region witnessed the biggest annual increase in earnings in over a decade. The number of women venturing into the sector, number of individuals entering the direct selling sector as full timers are also on the rise. With the worry of the direct selling sector standing on the verge of inflection point, the statistics released by UK DSA come in as a relief for MLM companies in UK showing that the channel is flowing smoothly to explore diverse opportunities.

Holistic wellness

Amway aims at “Total wellness”

Amway unveils its brand-new strategy “Total Wellness”, to further enhance its current objective and thus reinforce business performance by aligning with the latest market trends and take it to a whole new level.

The initiative also commits towards enabling distributors to maximize their digital capabilities, fostering expansion and intensifying connections among community members and thus establishing a robust trust base with customers.

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