Epixel MLM software strengthened their security measures with threat detection and compliance monitoring capabilities for enhanced data protection

December 07, 2023

[Las Vegas, Nevada, USA] Epixel relaunched their flagship product, Epixel MLM Software, with new-age security and privacy features. The new rollout is a zero trust architecture that offers complete protection of data assets against cyber threats and attacks like malware, ransomware, phishing, and DDoS attacks. The extended version also comes with a compliance monitoring feature that helps businesses align with international compliance standards such as GDPR, CPA, SOX, HIPAA, DORA, etc. The new upgrade has been made available for both new and existing customers.

The system comes integrated with an auto detection feature that automatically detects potential risks to enable faster responses. More advanced security features in the roll out include advanced encryption protocols, enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication system, token and certificate-based authentication, role-based access control mechanisms, and secure payment integrations. A robust monitoring system detects and responds to unusual activities maintaining a secure data environment. Additionally, regular security patches and audits ensure that the system remains resilient against evolving security risks.

During a time when data integrity and user privacy are paramount, Epixel MLM Software sets the highest standards for ensuring security for its customers. The latest software release is built on a privacy-centric design that ensure compliance to relevant privacy regulations. The improved security posture encompasses comprehensive measures to maintain the security and integrity of data at all times.

“Staying abreast of technology, for the betterment of the direct selling industry, has always been our prime focus. There are so many challenges in the direct selling industry which only technology can solve, and we are committed to rightly identifying, experimenting, and inventing solutions that can keep our customers fit and focused in the marketplace. Trust stands as an indivisible factor for businesses demanding substantial investments in both revenue and effort. This new version of our MLM software is thoughtfully crafted to fortify trust in businesses by maintaining security and privacy of our customers and their stakeholders”, says Dhanesh Haridas, CTO, Epixel MLM Software.

Epixel MLM Software has been instrumental in serving the varied software demands of the direct selling industry upholding values of excellence, innovation, and security to drive customer satisfaction.

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