The new version offers an enhanced user interface with neumorphism design

March 19, 2021

[Las Vegas, Nevada, USA] Epixel launched the updated version of mobile app with neumorphism design for the year 2021, available across iOS and Android app stores. The updated variant with AI-assisted predictive analytics works on personalizing customer experience with onboarding distributor predictions, buyer behavior analytics, and features for increased sales conversions. The app is expected to redefine the way customer-centric and product-centric organizations operate with its features focusing on legitimate business strategies.

The mobile app comes with a new digital product catalog which can be shared directly from the app to social media platforms, email, and personal contacts. The new release comes with a new set of dashboard metrics.

  • Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV), that showcases the average revenue
    contribution each customer makes to the organization during their tenure.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), the average expense of acquiring a new customer.
  • Customer Growth indicates the number of customers enrolled month over month.
 Graphical representation of LifeTime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio

The ratio of Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) helps companies determine how much they should be spending to acquire a new customer. The derived ratio will provide insights on customer profitability for companies to decide if their cost per acquisition adds up to the lifetime value of the acquired customer. Companies can make revisions to their CAC accordingly to suit the change.

The AI-powered platform empowers the content management system to ensure the creation and deployment of content by distributors and organization’s workforce adhere to company guidelines and industry standards. This feature would curb the unnecessary allegations brought forth by the salesforce through false claims and fake promises. The organization will have direct authority over the content marketed by its salesforce. An all-new leads and CRM module integrated with predictive lead scoring and sentiment analysis envisions increased customer engagement and retention.

“The ultra-modern neumorphism design is heavy on features and light on design which presents users with a real-life experience. We have blended the best of AI with predictive analytics to provide our users with actionable insights to improve their products and customer experience thereby building on their brand loyalty. This full-on version is specifically designed to help product-centric and customer-centric organizations in devising productive strategies to develop their business while also contributing to the growth of the industry. It aligns with our mission of supporting legitimate companies to build a successful customer base who can contribute to industry transformation. We are in a constant effort to bring the direct selling industry to a mainstream marketing concept with AI and BI-assisted tools.”, says Dhanesh Haridas, CTO, Epixel Solutions.

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