MLM Rewards and Loyalty Programs Software

MLM Rewards and Loyalty Programs Software is a software platform that enables administrators to integrate loyalty programs easily into their MLM business platforms. It enables them to create and customize unique reward programs including gamification, which are very effective in boosting the engagement and productivity of distributors.

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Retain your MLM customers with rewards and loyalty programs

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Attract more prospects to your MLM/direct selling business with advanced customer loyalty software

Attract prospects 10x faster and ensure high retention value and assured business growth.

  • Ensure business growth with advanced customer rewards and loyalty programs.
  • Configure your own unique loyalty ideas into action with our premium package.
  • Implement the best reward system and attract more prospects.

Retain your customers & increase your revenue growth 10x faster

Bring back your customers with attractive loyalty points and provide rewards to keep them in your regular customer list.

Manage your loyalty program at your wish
Loyalty program management

Manage your unique customer loyalty program with intelligent loyalty program management tools. You get to control the entire system and make changes to the program anytime you want.

Configure loyalty program to meet your requirements
Customizable reward configurations

The rewards for the loyalty programs are customizable as per the requirements. You can set different reward configurations based on different criteria like reward level variants, reward slabs, retention reward value, etc.

Offering instant credit of loyalty points
Real-time reward system

Get real-time insights about your reward system with fewer data retrieval and sync time. Also, the customer account or wallet will be credited with reward or loyalty points instantly upon meeting the set criteria. Instant recognition for their efforts helps you build on your customer trust.

Offer loyalty program through different channels
Omni-channel loyalty program

Improve customer experience and make fruitful relationship with potential customers through different methods. Let customers earn their rewards from multiple directions or channels.

Track the output of loyalty program
Business analytics

Analyze your business growth based on the reward and loyalty program integration. Track and compare the current growth trends based on the previous sales and retention rates in your business.

Outreaching customers is easier than ever with promotional tools
Personalized promotions

Promote and reach more customers with our intelligent promotional tools. Prospecting becomes simpler with the help of these tools and thereby connects with a larger network where regional boundaries are no more a hindrance.

A consumer-centric ecosystem with more business conversions

More customer engagements. More business conversions.

Easy and quick set-up

Easy & quick set up

Affiliate tracking

Track affiliates

Easy to redeem facility

Simple redeeming options

Reward system supported by cloud facility

Cloud-based reward system

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Enjoy the seamless experience from your mobile

Now it’s time to make a quick transformation where you can control business even from your pocket.

You can enjoy a seamless experience in the multi-gadget universe, regardless of its size and accessing location or time. Control your reward business anywhere, anytime by just installing the reward and loyalty program app on your mobile device.

  • Any API support
  • Quick redeeming option
  • Reward wallet integration
  • Advanced coupon system
  • Quick alerts and notifications
  • 24/7 support from our team
Mobile app to control your loyalty program


Can I club a loyalty program with MLM?

Yes. You can definitely club or add a loyalty program in your MLM or direct selling business.

Can I make more sales with a reward or loyalty-based program in my cosmetics network marketing business?
If I have a unique loyalty program in my mind, how can I implement it with my direct selling business?
I would like to implement a reward system where rewards vary for each action customer performs. Is it possible?
What kind of loyalty software do you provide?
What is the price of your loyalty software?
Does your system support loyalty programs for my e-commerce stores?

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