MLM Genealogy Software

View your team in greater detail with a neat and organized genealogy tree.

Multilevel marketing is an interconnected network of relationships. A genealogy in MLM represents this relationship between distributors much like a family tree. Genealogy showcases the structure of the organization with a complete visual representation of its individual distributors, their sponsors, downlines, referrals, etc. It presents a comprehensive view of the hierarchy in the organization.

Different Types of MLM Genealogy Trees

Binary MLM Genealogy Tree

The binary genealogy is structured on two downlines placed as the right and left leg of the sponsor. The width of the binary genealogy is thus limited to two downlines with no restriction in depth. However, companies may set restrictions depending on their compensation structure.

In a binary genealogy, commissions are paid based on the weaker leg sales volume. The weaker leg is also called the ‘pay leg’ and the stronger leg is called the ‘reference leg’. The method is said to boost teamwork with distributors helping each other to improve sales.

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Unilevel MLM Genealogy Tree

The genealogy formation in Unilevel allows unlimited downlines in a single level. All the downlines of a single sponsor are arranged directly under him in a single frontline. Unilevel genealogy structure does not allow multiple levels.

Most unilevel structures pay a 5% commission up to 5 levels. Distributors earn commissions based on ranks by qualifying the criteria set by MLM companies. As the rank goes higher, an individual’s commission earnings grow higher.

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Matrix MLM Genealogy Tree

Defined by strict width and depth, a matrix genealogy structure helps MLM organizations gain control easily over their total payout volume.

Matrix genealogy tree rewards its distributors in different ways. Matrix bonus is paid when a distributor completes a matrix as defined by the MLM company. Matrix genealogy provides immense growth potential for the distributors while providing opportunities to boost teamwork.

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Breakaway MLM Genealogy Tree

The highlight of the breakaway or stairstep breakaway plan is that a distributor is constantly motivated to achieve the set criteria which leads them to breakaway from the existing structure and create a new structure with a top position in the new genealogy. The structure sometimes makes distributors self-focused damaging collaboration and teamwork.

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Breakaway genealogy tree

Perfectly crafted MLM Genealogy Software ensures the smooth functioning of the network marketing business irrespective of the genealogy structure. The platform has to be versatile, scalable, and accurate to accommodate the changes of expanding business in the future.

MLM Genealogy Tree Software

The fastest and easiest way to know your individual distributor performance

MLM Genealogy software helps MLM companies maintain the structure and function of their MLM business. The software creates a digital visualization of the organization structure with a detailed summary of the distributor sales, packages, achievements, etc with just a hover above the name. Genealogy software in MLM businesses also assists companies in automating and ensuring error-free commission payouts irrespective of their various genealogy structures.

Genealogy software can help MLM organizations detect and tackle the ongoing and forthcoming challenges encountered in the marketplace.

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