Laurel Fee , Chief Administration Officer

Our tech partner quest ends up in Epixel and I wish I had found them at first!

Why We Chose Epixel - It is very clear that Epixel did their homework to explore what multi-level companies need from a company standpoint and a distributor standpoint. They took each area and made it simple, nothing is missing. From displaying commissions, e-wallets, viewing your downline, they even have built in referral links and banner ads that distributors can post on social media and in emails using copy paste. Event calendar, a news from the company that can be added and changed in less than 5 minutes. You can reach every member with an announcement in an instant. Did I mention simple? Of course, you can have auto emails sent out such as, password reset or you have a new member, any auto email you need. But additionally, the administrator can compose an email just as in Gmail or Yahoo and click send. The emails are clean and attractive. You can email your entire data base in an instant right from the administrator site.

Users can add their picture and banner under their profile using today’s technology like Facebook.

Epixel does not use cookies so no more instructing distributors how to clear their Cache. This is not available from other companies that we found. It is a needed and essential function.

They understand from every vantage point what is important to have and how important being "user friendly" is. They know multi-level business models inside out. This knowledge together with their programming skill set is a perfect match and yields a perfect product. You won’t be disappointed with Epixel.

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