It’s the users or the people who make a network marketing business successful. And people join the network with high hopes to make a good income by means of commissions and bonuses. During the initial stage of joining, one has to choose a package and register to proceed further in business.

Concurrency – Ever heard of this term? You obviously have, and it’s an important note to follow while developing any system model.

A concurrency registration issue is an issue faced in the MLM world during the initial sign up period.

The problem

The real issue starts once the registration process begins with a special condition. When too many people begin to roll into the network during the registration period, an issue pops up from nowhere. When a bunch of people together joins the network then, there face issues in the genealogy tree or network structure.

One of the queries from the MLM world was – Why binary genealogy system breaks during the mass registration time?

This issue isn’t common now, but it may happen in the marketing world, and a system must be capable enough to face the issue in normal mode.

Let’s break down the query on how binary plan fails.

A binary system has two members in the downline section and says, if 4 members join the network at a time, there arises this fatal issue. A normal binary tree arrangement for 4 new members will be like.

But when the concurrency registration issue occurs, these 4 members will fill up the vacant space together, and the system breaks. And this state can be reckoned as “deadlock”, and the tree structure either becomes.

4 members will occupy a single space and form a Unilevel scheme, or else they won’t be added anywhere in the tree.

Analysis & the way to deal with the problem

The above condition is a random issue, but still, it’s critical. In MLM system, one must be aware of every issue and must come out with a solution.

When you narrow this down – the system breaks down or loses the complete business flow due to this issue. And it’ll affect the system in a negative manner and commissions, bonuses, downline members, etc. will lose its working structure. Dealing with this issue needs a special system, and the solution does exist!

And we call it – "The queue system override"!

Queue system override – the perfect solution!


The concurrency issue can be solved using this method. When a certain number of members join together for the registration part then, they are placed into a queue-like system.


Members got added one after the other, and the arrangement or placing is carried out as per the queue order. In simple words it's like FIFO process - First In First Out funnel!


With such an effective system, the concurrency issue gets resolved pretty much easily.


A simple solution and hence in the MLM system, every new registration will pass through such a queue system.


Hence no concurrent issues will occur in the system.


At first, the new members get added to the queue (while registration time) and later on, they get placed into the network.

The end result or the final call!


A concurrent system without any issues is now offered to the MLM world.


The right space or position for new member/user is ensured with this model.


No mismatch or errors will affect the system.


A stable system that reduces the risk of genealogy tree/network breakage.

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