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Australian Binary Plan MLM Software refers to an advanced software platform that automates and manages the day-to-day operations of an MLM business erected on an Australian Binary MLM plan.

The completely customizable MLM software with predictive analytics helps you foresee the future of your business with actionable business insights.

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How does Australian Binary Plan work

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Australian Binary MLM compensation plan is quite similar to the Tri-Binary Plan,the difference between them is during the payout, for pair, matching is required in Tri-Binary and there is no matching required in Australian Binary MLM Plan.

Australian Binary Plan is one of the best compensation plans that certainly got popular in a quick round of time with the good amount of commissions and bonus rate. Usually, there are many limitations while using or implementing an MLM binary plan formula or a tri-binary plan. These limitations are picked out and filtered off in the form of a new plan and known to be "Australian Binary Plan". It's a new version of Tri-binary plan with slight changes in the working modules. Epixel Australian Binary Plan network marketing software comes with an open-source script. And it lets every MLM business organizations change or alter the working rules, compensation structure, bonus criteria etc. The customization set-up creates a splendid opportunity to rise up in the marketing business. Let's see the working of Australian plan in detail.


How does Australian Binary Plan Works?

Australian Binary plan is simple in nature. It's an abstract of Binary compensation plan with a slight variation. If the Binary plan comes with two-legs (left and right), the Australian plan does have an extra leg. And it improves the compensation structure. Binary matching isn't necessary for this plan. This differentiates the Australian plan from that of the tri-binary plan. The extra leg seems to give you an extra opportunity to increase the potential outcome and this can also be mixed up with Matrix plan. In simple words, the plan is an extended version of currently available plan with more benefits.

Well, the plan is independent of member levels and therefore, the maximum benefit can be invoked from the plan. One of the best plan suitable for both organization and members equally. With the compensation plan calculator, you can easily refer and analyze the compensation structure.

Epixel MLM Back-office software features

As a leading provider of MLM Software we are offering almost all the standard features of efficient multilevel marketing system. The list of enterprise features which will assist you to manage the business effortlessly

  • Clean & Classic Dashboard
  • E-Wallet
  • Genealogy Tree
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Full Responsive
  • Network and Team Explorer
  • Change Sponsor & Repositioning
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Network View
  • Down-line and Up-line listing
  • Sponsored Members Listing
  • SMS Integrations
  • Rank Advancement
  • Custom Rules for Ranking
  • Income and Expenses Report
  • Multiple Withdrawal Options
  • Multiple Payout Options
  • Theme Switcher
  • Configurable Enrolment Fees
  • Multiple Compensations
  • Business Wallet
  • Business Turnover and Expenses
  • Track Activities
  • Configurable Compensations
  • Customizable Business Plan
  • Unlimited Members
  • Support Ticketing
  • Lead Capturing
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Internal Messaging
  • Transaction Failure and Recovery
  • E-wallet Transfers
  • Live Chat Module
  • Manage User Types
  • CMS
  • Integrated REST API
  • Bitcoin Integration
  • Multiple Wallets
  • Automatic Payout

Australian Binary Plan MLM Demo

Introducing Australian Binary MLM Software Demo here. Explore Live MLM Australian Binary Plan for more features.

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